Grow your own fruit tree

Grow your Baby Tree ® into an adult fruit tree to pick up your own fruit.

Baby Tree ®

A new product of the Fairplant Academy.
Soon Baby Tree will be categorized under:


I have received a Baby Tree during the Interpoma fair, what to do?

1)Plant your Baby Tree in a pot or terrace bin.

2)Keep your Baby Tree in a cool area.

3)Put your Baby Tree in your garden during spring (March).

4)Go for more grow information to from the moment you've put your Baby Tree in your Garden.

Baby Tree

Baby Tree, Interpoma 2016


Baby Tree

With some love and care, you can nurture this tree into a healthy and happy tree. Aimed for the consumer market. The trees are raised in Fairplant's own nursery.

It's about the educational value of the product. We present step-by-step grow information at This website is going live soon. Baby Tree makes it attractive for parents and their children due to a cheereful, cute and easy accesable look.



Baby Tree could be suitable for you organization:

  • As a giveaway for your relations
  • In a 'green' assortment
  • For an educational project

Contact for all possiblities to buy Baby Tree.