Who we are

Fairplant is a commercial enterprise founded in 2005. Our primary business centres on the sale of rootstocks for fruit trees. Furthermore, Fairplant markets rootstocks for roses, avenue trees and park trees too. We produce a sizeable proportion of these rootstocks ourselves. Fairplant also sells a wide range of small fruit plants.

Fairplant's head office is situated at Gildenweg 15 in Emmeloord, The Netherlands. This is where we have our cold store, where we process the plants, and it is from here that the plants are transported to our various clients.

Sales activity

Our client base spans the whole of Europe, but also extends beyond it. In part due to the wide array of products supplied by FAIRPLANT, our ever expanding portfolio of customers is exceedingly diverse.
We are primarily focused on the professional fruit grower using our plant products for continuous cultivation or breeding. Also garden centres and resellers can come to us for a wide array of items suitable for planting in containers or for immediate sale.

Warranty and service

Due to the fact that we offer a full guarantee in terms of the quality of the plants supplied by us, we also take responsibility for ensuring that planting material is handled with the utmost care during storage and eventual also for the transport.

In particular, for the purposes of packing we use new HT wooden box pallets (100x120x120 cm) fitted with a foil bag, thus preventing drying out during storage and transit.

Plants that are on the route from Emmeloord to the customer's place of business for more than 48 hours must be transported in conditioned vehicles, with the temperature being cooled to + 2oC.

We aim to visit each customer at least once during the growing season. In these visits all important matters being discussed in detail. For us it extremely important that both,  the customer and Fairplant also, are properly informed of one another's wishes and options.
In order to fullfil these and follow up on them, the visit report is entered into the office management /ERP system to ensure that the data can easily be retrieved, e.g. during the delivery season.

Certification and Plant Passport

Pursuant to the applicable regulations, all nursery plants are subject to mandatory inspection and monitoring on the part of Naktuinbouw (Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture).
For the purposes of virus-free propagating material it holds that it must be produced within the compass of the quality control and certification system of Naktuinbouw, be inspected by Naktuinbouw during growth, and that prior to delivery it proves to satisfy all requirements set for this material by Naktuinbouw in terms of varietal identity, health and quality.

This certificate is only issued where the propagation material stems from identified and/or virus-free starting material.

The plants are given a Naktuinbouw hallmark label (the orange label) individually or by the bunch. Consequently, plants for which a plant passport is mandatory are also supplied with a plant passport.
If the material is being shipped to a ZP (Zone Protecta) area, then this is stated on the plant passport.